T 1 Writing

We are learning to...

  •  write a personal recount about something we have done or experienced
  • have an opening statement that tells who what and when
  • write the events in the order they happened
  • have a conclusion or personal response

Constable Ross

Constable Ross came. He taught about our bodies. We had to put our hands up. he played a game. He tried to trick Sabrina and Aidan but he could trick the both of them. We watched some videos about secrets, good and bad and we would put our thumb up if we decided it to be good or bad secrets. Constable Ross put on a shirt and a cap and Sabrina and Christopher and Aidan tried to be tricked. Harrison helped Aidan because he didn't know what to say. I felt quite safe because we were talking about safety.

Teacher Comment:
A good attempt to write a recount
Next steps:
Re-read as you write as there was a part that was hard to understand as we conferenced because you had missed words out.
Try to use some simple joining words so your story has some longer sentences.

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