Term 2 Integrated Topic

Term 2 Integrated Topic: Change is part of life
I am learning to... 
  • express my understanding of Change
  • explain how a plant changes

Success Criteria
  • I can express my understanding of change
  • I can sequencing how a seed changes into a plant

Teacher instruction: Use play dough or crayons to create a picture or make something to show me what you know about change.  

Teacher question: What have you made to show me what you know about change?

  • At the beginning (before teaching):

Student reflection
  •  Then - I thought . . .  
    Those are chocolate chip cookies and they are changing over because they like to be that way.

Student reflection

  •  Now - I know . . .
A tree can change into a big tree.  The boy and the girl are going to play in it and the plane is flying past it and the butterfly and bird is flying too.

  • At the end:

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